There are experimental stories emerging, beyond the console and the home theater, stories that live on the Digital Rim, where people and technology play together, bridging the gaps between narrative & gameplay and between physical & digital. These stories shatter the barrier between audience and content, enabling radically new, deeply immersive storytelling experiences.

These stories, although new, are evolving in many platforms, and with the help of many voices.

Check out some of the compelling work being done in this space

Press Info for Leviathan

The Digital Rim @ CES

The latest project from USC and Intel


@ the World Building Media Lab at USC

Testing new ways to experience stories

Dark Magic

Tawny Schlieski

Building stories at the Digital Rim

Hamlet on the Holodeck

Janet Murray

Technology reshaping our stories

Scott Westerfeld


Stories that inspire us to reimagine storytelling in a reimagined past

Imagine Design Create

Edited by Tom Wujec with Alex McDowell on "Scenes that Tell Stories"

Technology reshaping our stories

Narrative Hack

with Oregon Story Board

Finding partners to build new stories

World Building & Market Making

Peter Levin

Building a market on the digital rim